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Anastasia Stayunichava

sales & marketing for ethical and sustainable business
Perché lo faccio
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I do believe.

I believe in conscious business.

I believe in business that aims to improve the world and the society we live in. I believe that small ethical companies must become much stronger and  contribute firmly in creating a kinder world. Exactly these “small” companies that have our planet close to their hearts, can and must become “big”. 

The companies that do not take advantage of low cost labour and child labour, the companies that give an opportunity to local communities to make a decent living must grow. Those entrepreneurs who have dedicated ethical goals, the entrepreneurs who inspire and set an example must win. If they become big and important, the definition of “greenwashing” will no longer be relevant. 


I want to be a part of it. I want to contribute to this transformation. 

Cosa posso fare per te
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With this “credo” in my heart, after almost 10 years as export sales manager in the field of interior design, I said “enough” to companies I was not committed anymore. I’ve decided to lend my professional skills to the companies that have a dream: make this world a kinder place. 

Living for years according the principle “don’t panic, be organic” and being a sustainable products consumer, I’ve noticed that many of these companies are in trouble. Some of them do not have an idea how to position themselves on the market. Others do not understand how to face non-ethical competitors or create a real purpose-driven brand. A few of them know that the classic sales techniques are discontinued in the business&sustainability world and old marketing strategies are banned by new generations. 

So I’ve decided to focus on them. 


Today I help small and medium companies to grow, for a better world

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Have a purpose-driven company or just an idea of it?

I can help you to create a solid sales network, your community, define/redefine your brand image and much more. In other words, I will help you to design business that inspire action and positive change. And to do it, often, you don’t need a super budget but a simple change of attitude and a constant commitment. 


Here you can see what we can do together.  

Come posso aiutarti

My values

passion, valore, cuore, dedizione


Passion for what I do is the fuel that drives me.

It leads me to dug deeper. It gives me positive energy, determination and commitment.

Where there is passion, there is no space for shallow work.



 I am committed to promoting purpose-driven business practices. I support businesses that found solutions to environmental degradation and create economic opportunities for people in need.

No compromises.

This decision is a symbol of my commitment to designing a better world & society.



Trust is the basis for everything I do.

I always keep my promises and guarantee transparency and clear communication.



I want to meet your budget needs and always suggest alternative solutions. Every project is special and requires special attention.

You will never receive a standard price-list for standard service.



Our work will always be goal-oriented.

I never pull the wool over someone’s eyes or do generic things.

We always set targets and goals with specific deadlines and expectations.

No frustration along the way.



When our goals are reached and my mission is completed, you will easily continue by yourself. You won’t feel confused, lost once I’m “gone”.

Because I don’t give you the fish, but the fishing rod, so you can fish by yourself.

But for any doubt, I’ll be there for you.


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